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Fertility Show Africa | The Fertility Conversation

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Pastor Jerry and his wife Karabo Zwane founded Hannah – You Are Not Alone after their struggles with infertility. Depression, shame and loss of hope took the best out of them. They have devoted themselves to helping couples rise above the shame of infertility.

Hannah seeks to bring awareness about an issue that has left many destitute and stigmatised. They aim to provide spiritual support and peace to those who are hurting. It is estimated that infertility in Africa affects one in six couples, which means that in Southern Africa alone there are eight million people who suffer from infertility.


Fertility Show Africa offers those struggling to conceive, and those on a journey to parenthood a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face, in-person or virtually, with a wide range of experts, at one time and in an intimate space where they can engage, ask questions, find answers and gather information from some of Africa’s best specialists, embryologists, nurses, psychologists, social workers and wellness support experts.