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IFAASA is looking forward to being part of the third FSA instalment. We are particularly excited about the new hybrid platform as it focuses on the live experience, making it easier for the right people to connect in person while also expanding to virtually for those who do not wish to attend in-person or who are unable to do so for geographic reasons.

Saskia Williams – Director, Spokesperson and CEO

SASREG supports events that empower women and men with information on infertility and fertility treatment and we will once again support the Expert Talks programme with leading experts in the field of reproductive medicine to help visitors become informed and educated and to help them on their journey to parenthood.

Dr Sulaiman Heylen - SASREG President
Dr Jack Biko - SASREG Vice-President

Presenting Sponsor: expert talks

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a research-driven, specialty biopharmaceutical group committed to helping people around the world build families and live better lives. "Ferring is proud to support such an important, well-organised patient-information congress. Fertility is an important topic and we are passionate about informing, educating and supporting the public on factors relating to fertility." Gottie Scholtz, Ferring Marketing & Sales Manager, Reproductive Health

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The leading fertility and IVF online magazine. IVF babble is here to guide you with comprehensive information on your journey to parenthood and how to help boost your chances for a successful outcome. Today, there is no such thing as a stereotype of a typical IVF patient. IVF babble strives to reflect this ever-changing diversity.

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Europe's first IVF magazine aimed at helping women and men on their path to parenthood. Fertility Road Magazine is all about IVF. Leading fertility experts share their advice on everything related to IVF, including donor conception and IVF abroad. At Fertility Road, we understand just how emotionally and physically challenging fertility treatment can be. We want you to know that you're not alone and that we're here to help.

NGO Partner

Waiting Wombs Trust (WWT) is a Kenyan Public Benefit Organization (PBO) that works to create awareness, provide support and mobilization of families who – for varied reasons– have experiences of childlessness or have walked the child-waiting period in their marriage. The organization was conceptualized and initiated in March 2017 by a couple directly affected by childlessness and infertility.

NGO Partner

The Fertility Conversations is a support space for people who have experienced pregnancy loss and people experiencing infertility. The goal is to help people know they are not alone & provide support to individuals and couples as they navigate their journeys to parenthood.

NGO Partner

The Joy Foundation, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is an organisation that strives to raise infertility awareness through education, advocacy, communication and partnerships.

NGO Partner

Fertility-Kenya is a medical and health Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) registered in 2015 to address the plight of women and men affected by infertility. The organisation implements awareness activities that give hope and provide a chance of parenthood to all affected by the condition.

NGO Partner

Endo SA works together with Endo Warriors, SA and South African Endometriosis Support in raising awareness and to offer support to woman living with Endometriosis in South Africa

NGO Partner

Women going through #infertility can get support here. This is offered by personally through experience gained.

Media Partner

Moomie.co.za has been the number one site in South Africa to talk about fertility issues and bring stories of hope, from real moms. Register for free to start sharing your story – many more women are experiencing the same! Moomie is a safe, private and anonymous space.

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Baby’s and Beyond™ is an A4 family lifestyle publication with a national footprint and serves as a dialogue between our advertisers and readers. Baby’s and Beyond™ is published in a hard copy and online format, and its readership includes parents, parents-to-be, and healthcare professionals.

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