Show Features

Fertility Show Africa returns for two days in July with a fully interactive online show that offers participants access to a wide range of world-leading specialists, experts and clinics.

Returning is the unparalleled expert speakers’ programme – the Ferring Expert Talks – live-streamed to a main stage and featuring professionally produced content. Also back is Support Zone, intimate Q&A sessions with fertility specialists and experts, many of whom have struggled with infertility themselves. Visitors can go live on camera to ask questions or remain anonymous and just listen.

Fertility Show Africa is an invaluable opportunity for you to get the best and most accurate advice, support and information to give you the confidence to make an informed choice on topics such as:

  • Adoption
  • Alternative therapies
  • Egg and sperm donation
  • Eating and lifestyle for fertility
  • Fertility 
  • Freezing eggs
  • Health
  • IVF
  • LGBT Community
  • Legal matters
  • Ethical aspects of surrogacy
  • Optimising egg and sperm health
  • Treatment options
  • Surrogacy
  • Vitamins and supplements

Whether it be natural, medically assisted, through surrogacy or by adoption, Fertility Show Africa will provide you with the advice and support needed to start or expand your family.

Expert Talks

The Expert Talks will help you to become informed, empowered and enlightened through the daily talks programme presented by leading fertility professionals, adoption specialists and medical professionals. This cutting-edge programme will feature current and pertinent topics that impact the journey to parenthood.
The Ferring Expert Talks is CPD Accredited at 1 CPD Point per Talk.

Support Zone

The Support Zone is an intimate and engaging programme supported and hosted by the leading professionals in fertility. The Support Zone is a place where visitors can get their questions answered by the specialists through a series of Q&A sessions and audience participation.




Dr. Antonio Rodrigues

Medfem Fertility Clinic

Dr. Rodrigues completed his undergraduate and post-graduate degrees at the University of the Witwatersrand. He entered private practice specialising in assisted reproduction and minimally invasive surgery in 1990. He co-developed Medfem Clinic in 1991 and is a director of Medfem Fertility Clinic. He has an MBA from Henley London. He has a special interest in time-urgency perfectionism stress and its influence on fertility and co-authored the book Faster Better Sicker – Time-Urgency Perfectionism Stress. He co-developed Staminogro, a natural product for fertility and general health and co-developed an online self-help interactive stress management programme, Rodrigues has published internationally and co-authored chapters in books in the fields of hyperinsulinism in male fertility and stress and its role in infertility.

  • Saturday, October 9 at 10h00
  • Topic: The modern fertility patient and the changing dynamics of fertility


Dr. Sulaiman Heylen

Cape Fertility Clinic

Dr. Heylen qualified summa cum laude as a medical doctor and as a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of Leuven in Belgium. He obtained his Gynaecological Endoscopist Certificate, with distinction, from the European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery. He is also an EHSRE certified master of reproductive endoscopic surgeon and a specialist in reproductive endoscopic surgery and reproductive medicine. Dr. Heylen is President of the Southern African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy (SASREG) and has been published in both local and international fertility journals and contributed to chapters in books.

  • Saturday, October 9 at 10h30
  • Topic: Endometriosis

Dr. Marienus Trouw

PTA Fertility Centre

Dr Marienus Trouw studied medicine at the University of Pretoria and qualified as a gynaecologist in 1994. Dr Trouw completed infertility and endoscopic training in Leuven, Belgium and in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is associated with the University of Pretoria’s reproductive unit at Steve Biko Academic Hospital and is actively involved in training reproductive medicine specialists. His passion for reproductive medicine ignited early on in his training and he becomes truly excited about new developments and research in the fertility field.

  • Saturday, October 9 at 11h00
  • Topic: PCOS

Dr. Goolam Mohamed

Advanced Fertility

Fertility specialist Dr. Goolam H Mohamed is chairman of the Sandton Fertility Centre. He earned his medical degree at King George’s Medical School in Lucknow, India in 1975 after which he obtained a master’s degree in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from the Medical University of Southern Africa (Medunsa). He has completed various courses around the world in infertility and assisted reproduction. Dr. Mohamed founded the Sandton Fertility Centre when he saw the need among people, both within and beyond South Africa’s borders, having difficulty conceiving. This includes the latest technology used to treat male infertility and couples where one partner is HIV positive.

  • Saturday, October 9 at 11h30
  • Topic: Low dose IVF

Dr. Jack Biko

Femicare Fertility Clinic

Dr. Jack Biko, a reproductive medicine specialist, is the director of Femicare Fertility Clinic and a part-time lecturer at Steve Biko Hospital and Pretoria University. He received his training at Wits, Pretoria University, the college of Medicine of South Africa (Medunsa) and the University of Valencia. He is a member of the team that recently completed the national South African fertility guidelines. He is also an advanced endoscopic and endometriosis surgeon and currently the vice-president of the Southern African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy.

  • Saturday, October 9 at 12h00
  • Topic: The role of surgery in infertility treatment 

Dr. Tasneem Mohamed

BioART Fertility Clinic

Dr. Tasneem Mohamed graduated from the University of Witwatersrand in 2008 and began her internship at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in 2009. A year later she began her community service at Edenvale Hospital where she stayed and worked as a medical officer in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology department. During this time Dr. Mohamed completed her Part I Fellowship exam in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. In 2014 she began her registrar training in obstetrics and gynaecology at Wits University and successfully completed her MMed with distinction as well as her part II fellowship exam. In 2018 she completed her registrarship and was registered as a specialist in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology. Dr. Mohamed has presented her research at several international congresses and won the COGI young researcher award in 2017. In 2018, she joined BioART Fertility Centre working as a gynaecologist and trainee in the field of infertility. She also joined the Parktown OBGYN practice at Park Lane Hospital where she consults in the afternoons.

  • Saturday, October 9 at 12h30
  • Topic: Male infertility

Prof. Carola Niesler

Next Biosciences and University of KwaZulu-Natal

Carola Niesler is an Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Academic Leader of Biotechnology in the School of Life Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal as well as the Chief Scientific Officer at NEXT Biosciences, a South African biotech company working in the sphere of stem cells and biologics as well as genetic and pathology testing. She received her PhD from the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, UK, and has more than 20 years’ experience in the area of stem cell research. She has a particular interest in the application of stem cells to support regeneration in the context of disease as well as conditions such as impaired wound healing and infertility. She has published 37 internationally peer-reviewed articles.

  • Saturday, October 9 at 13h00
  • Topic: Stem Cell Based Therapies for Ovarian Regeneration

Meirav Zur


Meirav Zur is a performer, writer, and producer. Zur’s latest production and first solo show, Inconceivable: The Totally True One‑Woman Semi‑Fertile Quasi‑”Musical”, essentially her own true fertility experiences told through humor, has been performed on international stages large and small, aiming at smashing the taboo of infertility with laughter.

Linda Retief is a practicing advocate and a member of the Pretoria Bar. In 2019 she was appointed as an Acting Judge to the bench of the Pretoria Division of the High Court of South Africa. She has practiced in the legal fraternity as an Officer of the Courts for 25 years, initially as an admitted attorney in 1993. During her 25 years in practice, she was appointed by the then Law Society of South Africa as a lecturer for continued legal education. Advocate Retief practices in a number of fields in law which require High Court litigation but specialises in medical law and all peripheral legal issues pertaining thereto including the legal aspects of fertility and surrogacy having a number of reported landmark decisions in this field of law. Retief attained her BLC LLB from the University of Pretoria.

  • Saturday, October 9 at 13h30
  • Topic: Surrogacy legalities 

Mandy Rodrigues

Clinical Psychologist

Renowned clinical psychologist Mandy Rodrigues has worked in the field of infertility for the past 24 years. This includes working with individuals, couples and groups, helping them cope with their fertility journeys and assisting them with making life-changing decisions. A large part of her practice involves stress management and the need for a multi-disciplinary approach to infertility. Rodrigues has presented and published various books and articles on the subject.

  • Saturday, October 9 at 14h00
  • Topic: The importance of looking after your mental health
  • Sunday, October 10 at 10h30
  • Topic: Losing my DNA

Robynne Friedman

Robynne Friedman Attorneys

Robynne Friedman is a surrogacy law specialist practitioner practising for her own account. She has assisted over 400 parents with the legal and procedural aspects of surrogacy in South Africa and has been involved in leading surrogacy cases that have culminated in legal precedents. Friedman is a mother through surrogacy and thus able to assist her clients on a highly personal level. She founded a non-profit organisation which offers support and advice to infertile persons and surrogate mothers on all aspects of surrogacy. Friedman has presented papers on the working practical aspects of surrogacy at local and international family law conferences and has spoken at reproductive medicine conferences and embryologist meetings locally.

  • Saturday, October 9 at 14h30
  • Topic: HIV positive surrogacy

Dr. Chris Venter

Vitalab Reproductive Centre

Dr. Chris Venter completed his pre- and post-graduate studies at the University of Pretoria in 1994 and 2002 respectively. After qualifying with a MBChB, MMed O&G, FCOG(SA) with Reproductive Medicine, he did a preceptorship in Endoscopic Surgery at Leuven University in Belgium, under the mentorship of Prof Phillippe Koninckx. Venter practiced for 12 years as a general obstetrician in the private sector before deciding to sub-specialise in reproductive medicine. He completed his Fellowship Training at the University of Stellenbosch under the mentorship of Professor Thinus Kruger. During this period, his research was aimed at looking at the role of pre-genetic screening in embryo selection. Venter joined the Vitalab Reproductive Centre in 2013 and specialises in all aspects of infertility care. His clinical interest is in Recurrent Implantation Failure and the role that Endometrial Receptivity plays. He is an Associated Lecturer at the University of the Free State and has served on the editorial board of the Endocrinology International Journal and SASREG executive board, since 2014. His personal interest is in raising awareness for Oncofertility in South Africa.

  • Saturday, October 9 at 15h00
  • Topic: Onco fertility

Greg Tinney-Crook

Aevitas Fertility Clinic

Greg Tinney-Crook is the laboratory director at Aevitas Fertility Clinic in Cape Town, where he heads up a vibrant team of world-class embryologists. As Aevitas serves as a training unit for Stellenbosch University, he is also closely involved in training student embryologists in the science and skills of the fertility laboratory. He also heads up a satellite clinic in Windhoek, Namibia, acting as pioneer in the field of fertility treatment in this region.

  • Saturday, October 9 at 15h30
  • Topic: Embryo/Sperm selection 

Adele van der Walt

Adele van der Walt Incorporated

Adele van der Walt is an authority on the legal aspects of medical law which includes fertility law and surrogacy in South Africa and has represented clients nationally and internationally. Van der Walt completed her B-Proc, LLB degrees at the University of Pretoria. She played a pivotal role in the amendment of the application of the common law on surrogacy in 2009, and amendments to the State Liability Act in 2008. She has addressed many interest groups in the healthcare fraternity, authored several published articles and regularly partakes in radio and TV programmes in this field.

  • Saturday, October 9 at 16h00
  • Topic: Known Sperm and Egg Donors – the Legalities 

Debra Langley

Supreme Fertility

Debra Langley is a professional pharmacist, wholefood plant-based nutritionist, DNA consultant, author and keynote speaker with more than 25 years’ experience in the field of health and wellness. Langley has hosted talks for the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa, the Gauteng General Practitioners Association, Equilibria School of Life, Geneway, The Pharmacy Show, Tsogo Sun, the Pharmacology Conference and many others and has been a contributor to the Natural Medicine Magazine and Oxygen. She is the face behind the popular Instagram feed @plantbased2go. Langley is now the operations and training manager for Supreme Wellness and Supreme Fertility and is passionate about understanding DNA and helping people through the right dietary and lifestyle changes to make healthy babies.

  • Saturday, October 9 at 16h30
  • Topic: A new approach to reducing miscarriages and increasing IVF success rates

After Michelle Shippel discovered she was unable to conceive, she and her husband decided to adopt. The couple embarked on a two-and-a-half-year journey dealing with the SAPS, the Department of Social Development, the Family Court and the Department of Home Affairs. The only thing that kept Michelle focused through the entire journey was writing about the experience – first a journal, then a blog and Facebook page and finally a published book. Michelle will be chatting with CEO IFAASA Saskia Williams about the trials and tribulations of the adoption process.

  • Sunday, October 10 at 13h15
  • Panel discussion: Adoption

Pastor Jerry & Karabo Zwane

Hannah you're not alone

Pastor Jerry and his wife Karabo Zwane founded Hannah – You Are Not Alone after their struggle with infertility, depression, shame and loss of hope took the best out of them. They have devoted themselves to helping couples rise above the shame of infertility. Hannah – You Are Not Alone seeks to bring awareness to an issue that has left many destitute, stigmatised and hurting and provide peace and spiritual support for them. 

  • Sunday, October 10 at 11h00
  • Topic: Pregnancy loss

Naniki Sorensen’s infertility journey was a long and arduous eight years before she adopted a child. Post- adoption she made a conscious decision to search for answers. “Through my spiritual practice I found a deeper inner knowing that I am never alone, I am always supported. Yoga had been something I had explored on and off, but this time I was seeking more than physical exercise, I was looking for something deeper. Yoga, meditation and constant engagement with nature, (which I later learnt was called nature bath) became a source of my healing – physically, mentally and spiritually. After completion of the final year of my Masters in Psychology, with a focus on a holistic biopsychosocial/spiritual approach, our family was blessed with a son, who was naturally conceived. I now practice as a holistic wellness counsellor.”

  • Sunday, October 10, at 11h00 (with Pastor Jerry & Karabo Zwane)
  • Topic: Recurrent pregnancy loss and managing the trauma

Tanya is a registered social worker, perinatal bereavement counsellor and therapist who has been working in the field of infertility for the past 15 years. She provides counselling to couples and individuals who are embarking on the journey of infertility. A large part of her practice focuses on dealing with issues around egg and sperm donation, surrogacy and the emotional journey linked to fertility treatment and pregnancy loss.

  • Sunday, October 10 at 11h30
  • Topic: Coming to terms with the possibility of involuntary childlessness

Dr. Rizwana Roomaney is a research psychologist, registered counsellor and lecturer in the psychology department at Stellenbosch University. Her work is primarily focused on women’s health and located in the field of health psychology. She is the national delegate for South Africa at the European Health Psychology Society and leads the local health psychology special interest group at the Psychological Society of South Africa. Dr Roomaney currently holds a research grant to explore well-being among people seeking fertility treatment in South Africa.

  • Sunday, October 10 at 12h00
  • Topic: Fertility preservation

Charlene Purdy completed a Master of Arts degree in Psychology at Stellenbosch University. One of her key interests include the field of oncofertility, particularly focusing on the psychological aspects of cancer, infertility, and fertility preservation. Purdy spent three years exploring the subjective experience of fertility preservation among female cancer patients, a study that formed part of her master’s thesis. Other interests include child and adolescent development, play therapy, grief and loss and abnormal psychology. As part of her undergrad practical, Purdy worked with children with learning difficulties and counselled women and children who were victims of physical and emotional abuse. Purdy plans on pursuing her PhD at Stellenbosch University focusing on the field of fertility preservation.

  • Sunday, October 10 at 12h00
  • Topic: Fertility preservation

Professor Joyce Harper is an author, academic, scientist and educator. She is Professor of Reproductive Science at the University College London in the Institute for Women’s Health where she is Head of the Reproductive Science and Society Group and Director of Education. She is a Director of the Embryology and PGD Academy which she established with Alpesh Doshi in 2014 and founder of Global Women Connected. Harper has worked in the fields of fertility, genetics and reproductive science since 1987, written over 200 scientific papers and published three books. She started her career as an embryologist, then moved into reproductive science and genetics. She is currently researching fertility education, the social aspects of fertility and infertility, from social egg freezing to childlessness and FemTech.

  • Sunday, October 10 at 12h30
  • Topic: Fertility education

Daksha Hargovan is a clinical psychologist registered with the Health Professions Council of SA and in private practice. Women, depression and struggles with fertility issues is an area of interest in her therapeutic work. She provides Surrogacy Evaluations and Gamete Donor Evaluations (known and unknown) for potential parents. The former requires preparing a report which is lodged to the court. Hargovan offers psychotherapy to individuals and couples and specifically, provides counselling to potential parents considering surrogacy as an alternative method of having a family. In her work with those struggling with fertility/infertility issues, she provides a safe therapeutic space for them to understand themselves better and increase the quality of their lives. 

  • Sunday, October 10 at 13h00
  • Topic: Raising awareness amongst patients and doctors managing patients expectations 

Dr. Charles Muteshi

Zuri Nzilani Foundation, Kenya

Dr. Charles Muteshi completed his training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Aga Khan University – East Africa from 2008 – 2011, after which he was awarded and completed a two-year Clinical Research Fellowship at Oxford Fertility, Institute of Reproductive Sciences and the Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Oxford with an interest in endometriosis and in vitro fertilization (IVF/ICSI). In 2015, Dr. Muteshi became a fertility specialist with Oxford Fertility and an honorary fellow of the University of Oxford. In addition to endometriosis, he developed an interest in infertility preservation for cancer patients and recurrent implantation failure following IVF treatment. Dr. Muteshi joined Aga Khan University in 2018 where he is involved in research and teaching and management of couples seeking fertility.

  • Sunday, October 10 at 13h30
  • Topic: Fertility preservation in patients at risk of ovarian failure

Michael Johnson-Ellis and Wes Johnson-Ellis run a not-for-profit organisation called My Surrogacy Journey. They longed to have children together and started their journey to parenthood through private surrogacy in 2013. In 2016 the couple, from Worcestershire, UK had their first child together, Talulah, now four, and were blessed again by the same surrogate in 2019 with their son, Duke. They’re on a mission to help normalise same-sex families, are very active in surrogacy law reform and have already influenced major changes to UK healthcare guidance when it comes to the treatment of surrogates and intended parents.

  • Sunday, October 10 at 14h00
  • Topic: Our surrogacy journey

A new play by Sisa Congress V Makaula III Script developed by Lwanda Sindaphi. This Fleur De Cap winner directs an amazing cast of six talented individuals who come from different backgrounds and give powerful energy to the concept of infertility. The Curse Of The Womb seeks to interrogate the myth that women who cannot conceive are cursed. For many years the African perspective of shame and isolation have destroyed many marriages and relationships and the issues surrounding infertility are not often discussed in public. This has affected a lot of women throughout generations, driving them into depression because they were blamed for the inability to bear a child.
Infertility is a disease like any other which the creative director, Sisa Makaula, explores in this cutting-edge production.

  • Sunday, October 10 at 14h30

Editah Hadassa

Waiting Wombs Trust, Kenya

Editah Hadassa is the founder and Executive Director of Waiting Wombs Trust, an organisation that seeks to create awareness of infertility and reproductive health matters. Waiting Wombs Trust exists to avert the medical, physical, socio-cultural and psychological factors that undermine acceptance and positive living among childless and waiting families, consequently depriving them of the opportunity to live a more fulfilling life. Hadassa is an involuntarily childless woman married for over 13 years. The fact that she is also battling with endometriosis and adenomyosis has not allowed her childless status to put her down. She has been on several platforms in Kenya and internationally, discussing issues on marriage, infertility, empowerment, dealing with stigmatisation and reproductive health matters. She has also won awards locally and internationally including Zuri Awards 2018, Whole Life Activation and the Kotex She Can Award. Hadassa envisions a society where women and men dealing with infertility/ subfertility – young and old – are empowered, encouraged and supported rather than stigmatised, shunned and crushed.

  • Sunday, October 10 at 15h00
  • Topic: One day at a time

Phyllis Frempong

Fibroid Queen, Texas

Phyllis Frempong is a registered nurse, fibroid awareness advocate, and fitness-yoga coach. She uses an integrative and functional approach to womb wellness that combines yoga, fitness, mindset and nutrition to achieve ultimate symptom management and alleviate common problems associated with uterine fibroids. Frempong understands the pain associated with fibroids, having had four of her own, with the largest being almost nine centimetres.

  • Sunday, October 10 at 15h30
  • Topic: Manage fibroids with a holistic lifestyle

Multi- award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur, Molatelo Mainetje-Bossman has spoken out about her infertility through her documentary film When Babies Don’t Come where she documents her 10-year struggle to conceive. Through the film, Mainetje-Bossman has not only inspired many people but has also given a voice to many men and women with the same condition. She was appointed one of the directors of Infertility Awareness Association of South Africa (IFAASA) in 2018.

  • Sunday, October 10 at 16h00
  • Topic: Infertility in the African culture

Dr. Jessica Zucker

Los Angeles-based Psychologist

Dr. Jessica Zucker is a Los Angeles-based psychologist specialising in reproductive and maternal mental health. She holds a PhD in clinical psychology, and master’s degrees in public health and in developmental psychology. Zucker’s writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Guardian, New York Magazine and Vogue among others and she is the creator of the #IHadaMiscarriage campaign. Her first book I Had A Miscarriage: A Memoir, A Movement is available worldwide.

  • Sunday, October 10 at 16h30
  • Topic: Shifting the silence surrounding miscarriage

Ola Taiwo

Fertility Conversations, Nigeria

Ola Taiwo is the founder of Fertility Conversations, a support space for people who have experienced pregnancy loss and those dealing with infertility. The goal of the group is to help people know they are not alone and to support them as they navigate their infertility journeys. Taiwo is currently on her journey to motherhood and has experienced multiple pregnancy losses with some life-threatening complications. She has undergone multiple IVF cycles and still has plans for fertility treatments with the goal of having children. Taiwo offers different coaching options as well as talks and other fertility resources. She is working on her first book and has a fertility related podcast called Fertility Conversations where people share their stories and testimonies –

  • Sunday, October 10 at 16h30
  • Topic: Shifting the silence surrounding miscarriage

Dr. Razina Patel

Advanced Fertility

Dr Patel qualified in 1989 as a doctor and followed her calling to specialise in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She qualified in 1998 and worked in an academic capacity at the Johannesburg General Hospital for a number of years, and at the Bedfordview Hospital and Park Lane Hospital as an Obstetrician Gynaecologist for the better part of 20 years. In that time, Dr Patel developed a passion for Reproductive Medicine and incorporated it into the scope of her practice. She did her International Masters in the Biotechnology of Human Reproductive Medicine and Embryology at the University of Valencia, Spain in 2018.  Dr Patel officially joined Sandton Fertility Clinic 15 years ago and to date works under that umbrella.

  • Saturday, October 9 at 14h45
  • Topic: Social egg freezing

Meirav Zur is a performer, writer, and producer whose latest production and first solo show, Inconceivable: The Totally True One‑Woman Semi‑Fertile Quasi‑”Musical”, is her own true fertility experiences told through humour It has been performed on international stages and is aimed at smashing the taboo of infertility through laughter.

Rulene Moolman helps woman transition into motherhood through yoga. With more than 2000 hours of training in the science of yoga, she facilitates the healing process, helping shift from maiden to mother.