Africa’s first fertility show focuses on support
Fertility Show Africa 2020

Africa’s first fertility show focuses on support

Africa’s first fertility show focuses on support from professionals and those who have experienced infertility themselves.

Rather than concentrating on the negative consequences of this ailment, Fertility Show Africa (FSA) offers a generic and diverse opportunity to seek emotional support where required but also looks to provide information and practical advice on fertility solutions; treatment options and alternative family arrangements.

Fertility Show Africa will offer support to those currently on their own fertility journey.

One of its key attractions is the Support Zone, an intimate place where visitors can get their questions answered by specialists, and engage with a panel of experts on key topics, with a programme supported and hosted by leading professionals in fertility.

The Support Zone will be supported by a professional counselling and support team headed up by clinical psychologist Mandy Rodrigues.

Says Heidi Warricker, Founder and CEO of Fertility Show Africa: “Many of those taking part in the Support Zone have travelled the infertility road themselves and understand the struggles and the grief people experience on their journey. So they are in the perfect position to offer help, advice and support to those in need.”

“We hope to go some way to breaking the taboo that surrounds talking about infertility. Men and women across Africa, and in many parts of the world, find it difficult to get information, support and help. The zone will be a focus where people needing help can meet real experts who can answer their questions in a practical way.”

The full list of speakers and the topics can be found here


Fertility Show Africa offers those struggling to conceive, and those on a journey to parenthood, the opportunity to engage with specialists and experts and to be exposed to the available options in a supportive and unobtrusive environment.